Found Dog Ribbon Dance

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Professional cuddler Norma’s quest to return a lost dog to its rightful owner leads her to encounter a slew of oddballs and maybe even discover a second chance at love. A bittersweet World Premiere romantic comedy about loneliness, oxytocin, and the healing power of Whitney Houston.

Student tickets can be purchased in advanced online with code STUDENT or 30 minutes before the show begins. Prices are $14 per ticket on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and $10 on Monday’s.  Must provide a student ID to pick up tickets purchased online, or to purchase at the door.  2 tickets per student ID allowed. 

Julie Dretzin,
Eric Gutierrez,
Dan Hagan,
Gregory Itzin,
West Liang,
Gabriel Notarangelo,
Amanda Saunders,
Steven Strobel,
Clarissa Thibeaux.
Written by Dominic Finocchiaro
directed by Alana Dietze
Kirk Wilson- Scenic Design
Jesse Baldridge – lighting design
Elena Flores- costume design
Gillian Moon- sound design
Isobel Bradbury- dramaturg
Amanda Wagner- stage manager
produced by Chris Fields and Jesse Cannady
NEARLY BURSTING WITH WHIMSY, but underneath has a strong emotional current… Sometimes genuine, relatable emotion is all you need to be effective, and The Found Dog Ribbon Dance has that in spades.” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen
REMARKABLY UNIQUE AND RICHLY ENTERTAINING… reaches beyond the easy and superficial and probes both heart and mind” — Ron Irwin, LA Post-Examiner
WOW!… the kind of play you’ll want to tell all your romcom-loving friends (and just about anyone else in search of smart, funny, heartstrings-tugging, feel-good new theater) not to miss.” —Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
A FAST-PACED CROWD PLEASER… a lean, tightly-written, serio-comic script enhanced by the savvy direction of Alana Dietze.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes
“RECOMMENDED … proves at least three things: [playwright] Finocchiario is a fine comic talent. Echo Theater continues to make great strides in production of new work. And Alana Dietz is a very good director.” — Gray Palmer, Stage Raw
TENDER… the play’s message of hope and the healing power of companionship is a tonic for our troubled times.” Michael Van Duzer, Showmag
“A HIGHLY ENTERTAINING ROMP… Totally satisfying on every level… I felt my oxytocin surging as I left the theater with a smile on my face… An absorbing escape – see it!” — Carol Edger Germain,
A TRUE ORIGINAL, under the sharp direction of Alana Dietze.” — Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theater
WARMLY APPEALING… Finocchiaro populates his play with unique people brought to life by a uniformly excellent cast under the able direction of Alana Dietze. — Dink O’Neal, Arts In LA