Audience Services Manager

Key Responsibilities

● Ensure that exceptionally high customer service standards are consistently upheld during all Echo performances and events. This includes the performance management of volunteers.
● Ensure that all public-facing spaces, including the courtyard, restrooms, and auditorium are clean, presentable, and stocked with appropriate marketing materials, signage, and merchandise.
● Maintain a working knowledge of all software programs used for concessions and ticketing, in order to troubleshoot any issues onsite, as needed.
● Train, schedule, recruit, and oversee team of volunteers. ASM is accountable for ensuring that shifts get filled and must be present to cover unfilled shifts.
● Develop a system for increasing volunteership from the community.
● Manage cash deposits from ticket sales and concessions, ensuring that all monies are properly counted, labeled, and dropped in the safe.
● Bring safe deposits to the bank weekly, making appropriate change for cash boxes.
● Oversee the purchasing of concessions items per the guidelines set by the Echo senior staff, making sure that everything is stocked and that all wines are appropriately stored and labeled after opening.
● Collaborate with Box Office Manager to ensure that all ticketing issues are promptly resolved and that seats for subscribers, VIPs, and press are reserved before opening the auditorium.
● Maintain a working knowledge of life safety, ADA, fire code, crowd control, and emergency procedures, assuming a leadership role in case of emergency.

Minimum Responsibilities

● Must be present at at least two shows per week during each production, plus be available to fill in, as needed.
● Must be adept at scheduling volunteers and able to make last-minute changes with ease.
● Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
● Excellent problem solving skills. ● Ability to listen, learn, and take constructive criticism.
● Ability to work well both on a team and independently.
● Excellent leadership skills.
● Flexible, with a sense of humor.

● Ability to collaborate with Echo Staff in a friendly, professional manner and promptly respond to communications.
● Computer literate.
● Must be able to stand for extended periods and lift up to 25lbs.

To apply, please send a brief cover letter and resume to info@echotheatercompany.com . Make sure to put “Audience Services Manager” in the subject line. Please, no phone calls. We will reach out to applicants we wish to interview.