An Interview with NYPR Playwright Imani Redman

Can you describe a theater moment that particularly inspired you?
When I saw Sleep No More in NYC it completely changed my view on what theater could be and entail. It was my first immersive experience and sparked my interest for movement/immersive styles. I was completely entranced in the world and it made me want to use conventions in my plays that were not necessarily “traditional” in nature.

Artistic Goals?
I would love to one day own my own theatre company or some type of artistic company that brings new art to the forefront with other focuses in community outreach and Arts Education! To foster conversation. Also like be able to have a platform that allows me to engage with others and share my art with the world. I’d also love to travel to and experience as many new places as I can. I’d love to have the means one day to start charity organizations to benefit different causes.

What do you do outside of theater?
I’m glad you asked. I love playing sports. Particularly basketball and soccer. I also like to think I have skills in frisbee, volleyball, football, and others. I love games of any type. Game nights are great. I’m just a really competitive person, but the fun type of competitive. I love spending time with people and exploring new places.

What inspired you to write the play for NYPR?
The play was inspired in part by Polaroid Stories and the homeless (youth) epidemic. There is no reason to me why people should not have access to basic resources that keep them alive. That also meaning that people should have access not only to food, but healthy foods, clean living environments, affordable healthcare, clean water, good living conditions. There are so many ways that it can be improved from so many different angels.