National Young Playwrights in Residence


The National Young Playwrights in Residence Program is designed to nurture the next generation of playwrights through professional mentorship, staged readings, and the sharing of their work through digital platforms.

The six 2018 playwrights! Jorrell Watkins, Imani Redman, Cambria Denim, Dayna Smith, Andrew Sianez-De La O, and Zoe Jovanovich!

Six playwrights between the ages of 18 to 25 will be selected for a year-long mentorship with an established professional writer toward developing a new work. This will culminate in a staged reading of the young playwright’s work at the end of June 2019 at The Echo Theater.

The Echo’s goal of this program is to break down any geographic barriers preventing talented young playwrights from receiving the recognition, support, and guidance so critical in a writer’s early development.

We are committed to being there for the young writer, and insuring that new voices from all across the country are getting a chance to be heard. This residency is a transformative way for new writers to fearlessly create bold new work with the support of a professional artistic community.

Cambria Denim, 2018 National Young Playwright in Resident

I was lucky enough to be a part of NYPR’s inaugural year, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. As a young artist, it’s sometimes a tall order to ask to be taken seriously – I never felt that way at the Echo. In fact, the Echo – everyone who works there, the actors, the directors, the mentors – deeply values the voices of young people, particularly what we have to say about our vast array of diverse experiences. Not only did I get to workshop a new play with a room of professionals, but I gained five friends who I trust wholeheartedly to share work and life with. If you are in the age bracket to submit, and you are a writer, you would be silly not to submit.

Writers will be selected at the end of September 2018

Starting in October, the participants will engage in monthly digital conferences with their mentor. In this way, the program will transcend any geographical limitations, enabling The Echo to discover and nourish young playwrights in the United States.

Submission Guidelines:

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 to 25.

Writers must submit the following by August 15th.

-Two writing samples (full length-plays, one-acts, ten-minute plays are all acceptable. They must be in .pdf format. No name, or any other writer contact information can be on the writing samples themselves)

-Cover letter describing your background, experience, what you hope to gain from this program, and the type of work you would like to create. 

Please e-mail all submissions to with the subject line National Young Playwright in Residence. We will schedule a phone interview with the final candidates the second week of September.