1024px-The_Journey2a public reading of 

You on the Moors Now 

by Jacklyn Backhaus

directed by Jen Chambers

Monday, April 24th @ 8PM

May Alcott, Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters
escape from proposals of marriage to the mythical
Moors. But little do they know their suitors are hot on their heels preparing for the battle of a lifetime. Jaclyn Backhaus’ inventive new play takes everything you’ve ever
learned about love, gleaned from the pages of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Little Women, and puts it somewhere in the tall grasses, hidden from view, where only the truly brave will ever traverse to earn it.


Jo March- Deborah Puette
Cathy- Caro Zeller
Jane Eyre- Rya Kilstedt
Liz Bennett- Alana Dietze
Fitzwilliam Darcy- Eric Keitel
Mr. Rochester- Steve Strobel
Heathcliff- Matthew Gallenstein
Laurie Laurence- Justin Huen
Caroline Bingley/ Amy: Jessica Goldapple
Mr. Bingley/Old Grandpa Laurence- Rodney To
Nelly Dean/Beth/Jane Bennett- Meredith Bishop
Joseph/Marmee- Micharl Sturgis
St. John Rivers/Bhaer/Edgar Linton- Eric Hunicutt
River Sister/ Meg- Beth Triffon
Stage Directions- Lindsay Fisher