An evening of six short premiere plays!

September 20th-30th; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 7:30PM, Preview- September 19th at 8PM

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Authority by Dominic Finocchiaro
Directed by Satya Bhabha

Who has the right to tell what stories? A couple’s relationship hinges on the answer.

featuring Kira Powell, Nick Abrell, and Sunkrish Bala

American Dream by Dipika Guha
Directed by Anna Lamadrid

When he falls in love at first sight with a woman he sees at Venice Beach, Seb’s world turnsupside down. An American Dream is a contemporary verse comedy inspired by T. S Eliot’stThe Wasteland and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

featuring Josh Adams, Josh Breslow, and Erin Henriques

Party by Celine Song
Directed by Charlotte Miller

Soon, our world will end and a new regime will begin. So until then, we are all having a party. Matthew is the only sober person left in the world – and when everyone is intoxicated, sobriety feels like a deviant behavior.

featuring Arman Marzvaan, Kaiti O’Connor, Rachael Olsem, and Will Jorge

All the Light by Daniel Talbott
Directed by Daniel Talbott

Two young men meet in a warehouse in a poverty-ravaged industrial town outside of Stockton, CA. Desperate to feel a sense of connection and direction they might never know, they must first understand darkness before they have any hope of finding lasting light.

featuring Joey Stromberg and Ian Bamberg

Wrightwood Hookup by Wes Walker
Directed by Riel Paley

Victor from Victorville wants to meet someone tonight. Daphne’s profile looks promising. But when he attempts to meet her at her place in Wrightwood, it turns out she’s twice the woman he’d hoped for.

featuring Libby Woodbridge, Jacqueline Besson, and Anthony DeGregorio

Allen’s Love by Guy Zimmerman
Directed by Guy Zimmerman

Allen’s Love travels back to the 1960s to imagine a haunted, LSD-triggered encounterbetween former CIA director Allen Dulles and Mary Pinchot, a woman murdered in the wake of JFK’s assassination.

featuring Andrew Villareal, Alexander Pine, and Lindsay Graves Fisher

Zeitgeist Production Team

Produced by Chris Fields and Rachael Zambias 

Set Design by Mary Sader

Lighting Design by Szu-Yun Wang

Production Stage Manager Sonya Landsdowne